art of another designer

When I made a decision to study art or design after high school, the practical side of my creative brain pushed me in the direction of design. I became a graphic designer and for years didn’t discover how to be both artist and designer. I knew it was possible but I didn’t know how to find the time in between full time work and having a social life to keep my ‘creative fires burning’.

It wasn’t until I took a break from full time design to have kids, that I was able to set a new path for my creative brain. I was always inspired by my environment in the beautiful Blue Mountains, it screamed out to me daily for attention “draw me! Photograph me!” Unfortunately my babies were just as good at screaming for attention. It took the next 12 years to discover teaching, art retreats, mindfulness, learning to play like a child again and to stop making excuses before I could …

I still love to design, researching more about creativity and creative play has improved my ability to design and to make art. Design gives me direction, allows me to be tidy, look for alignment, detail and space and to ‘stick to a brief’. Being an artist sets me free to do what I want, if I feel like it I can make a big expressive charcoal mess. Art keeps my brain fit for more creative design and design keeps my brain fit for the discipline required for art.

Currently I am very excited about the ideas that keep flowing and the new doors that are opening. If you have a special graphic design project in mind, let’s talk, to see if I can be of assistance. Check out my creative play blog on Instagram @artofanother
Although most posts relate to art rather than design, the comments and images do show how my brain works, especially with composition and colour.

Email me at to request a custom portfolio if you would like to discuss a design project.