And so it began…

Making time to be creative

“I need more time” We all think it, say it, wish it…

I knew I had to make the time and the only time I was allowing for creativity was when I actually booked in creative workshops.

For many years I had been attending a 3 day art retreat and each time, I would return from it and think “I must continue”. It’s easy to say but putting it in to practice takes more. I needed to change my “ways”.

Every day

What I did manage to do (after my art retreat 2015) was learn to make time. I started leaving little sketch books and visual diaries around the house and in my handbag to remind myself to make time. That was the first step. The second step and reminder was that I started an Instagram account @artofanother to make it accountable. I didn’t want it to be about gathering followers. I needed a place to show proof of my new “ways”, my new habit of making time to be creative every day. I loved that Instagram is about the images and I could follow other creatives. I could also justify spending time “following” because it was research and inspiration for my work.

What happened?

@artofanother became my mini blog. I started with a few friends following my creative journey on Instagram and this has made it easier to maintain the momentum – someone else is watching! (and interacting). I’ve  felt the need to keep creating and posting and proving to myself and others that I can make the time, even if it’s only 5 minutes on some days, it’s still making the time to be creative.